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Why look like the others? This isn’t about THEM. It’s about YOU. What’s going to make YOU stand above the rest? All the blood sweat and tears you’ve poured into your business. Be PROUD of what you’ve built. Put yourself on that pedestal!

That old bloke whose been going down to the pub every Friday for years for a Reese
WitherSchoon in his club polo. Why doesn’t he have the same access to cutting edge design and materials like the boys in the big leagues who’ll throw theirs out at the end of the season? We’re all for that old bloke, and the footy/netball club who makes him feel at home.

Why not work with the kids? If you can’t make the kids wear it, maybe it’s the apparel? Change the psychology, instead of making school apparel something uncool to wear, make it uncool NOT to wear it. Impossible? Not with the right attitude.

Personalised & Custom Polo Shirts in Australia

Polos provide the perfect blend of functionality and professionalism in any environment. Our design process will let you create a memorable shirt that keeps your brand image at the front of everyone’s mind.

High-Quality Shirt Printing for Any Occasion

We manufacture our polo shirts with light, breathable material so that they are comfortable no matter where you wear them. Professional branding lets you use these personalised polos as a smart, semi-formal uniform that shows your cohesiveness as a team while remaining comfortable. Our polos also work well as school or club uniforms that proudly display your organisation’s logo, name, and sponsors.

Custom polos are useful as promotional merchandise as well. Selling or giving out these shirts as part of a community event, company deal, or giveaway will provide people with stylish and practical clothing that will carry your image to new audiences.

Your Personalised Polo Design

To start designing your custom polo, we have you choose your polo shirt base from a wide range of colour and size options. We also offer varieties such as classic, long sleeve, and sports polos. 

Then, you will personalise your design by adding your unique graphics. You can add logos, emblems, names, numbers, or artwork to your polo shirts with sublimation printing. This printing technology lets you add as much colour and detail as you wish without worrying about fading over time.

Our experienced team at Cobrapparel will work with you to create a design that meets all of your criteria. If you have any questions about meeting specific needs or just need some creative inspiration, we’re happy to help!

At Cobrapparel, we want to help you create fashionable apparel that makes your organisation stand out from the rest. Contact us today with your design ideas to receive a free estimate.

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Anything Else?

We do a LOT, so like Macca’s we have a hidden menu of sorts, and we’re always on the hunt for new ideas. If you haven’t seen it advertised, or you have but can’t find it, don’t be alarmed!

There’s no such thing as a silly question so flick us an email and we’ll let you know if we can do it. We know we’d be nothing without our amazing customers so we’ll always be striving to meet your needs.

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