They might creep to the outer reaches of being the ‘in thing’, but they’re never fully out of people’s wardrobes. A big hit in a range of markets from agriculture to the ‘ironic’ wearers at festivals, bucket hats are a safe bet to be a part of your target customers wardrobe arsenal.

We do a range of bucket hats from the standard and on trend cotton, to the enviable retro terry towelling. If you want to offer something not many other people are, we highly recommend a Terry to turn heads!

Personalised & Custom Bucket Hats in Australia

While they may not be as prevalent as caps or visors, bucket hats can be a unique choice for your custom-designed clothing. Hats are a valuable asset in any wardrobe, so using that valuable space to display your personalised message or brand can help you reach new audiences.

Stylish Custom Bucket Hats for Outdoor Activities

When you want to promote your company but keep cool during outdoor activities, our custom bucket hats offer the perfect solution. We create all of our apparel with professional craftsmanship and high-quality materials that result in bucket hats that are durable and functional.

These hats have a wide brim that provides sun protection for your entire face and neck, making them ideal for fishing, camping, and hiking. Giving out these bucket hats or selling them as branded merchandise is the perfect way to keep you in your customers’ thoughts on sunny days.

Design Bucket Hats with Unique Style

With our simple design process, we can quickly produce bucket hats with the logos and text of your choice at affordable costs. Choose from a selection of eye-catching colours to match your printed or embroidered letters and graphics. These hats make it easy to advertise your company, support your local sports club, or instil a sense of community. You can even choose between a modern cotton material or retro terry towelling.

Your creative process will also have the full support of our dedicated design team. If you have a unique idea for your hat or any questions regarding the design process, let us know so we can do everything in our power to help.

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