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Cobrapparel is a supplier of custom designed terry towelling hats. We’ve been producing high quality terry towelling headwear for our customers. We’re one of the leading terry towelling headwear manufacturers in Australia. Our terry towelling hats are great for promotional purposes, trade shows, sports carnivals and much more.

As an experienced terry towelling headwear manufacturer, we can provide you with custom terry towelling hats at great rates. We add the personal touch to every towel hat that leaves our factory to make sure that you’re satisfied with a unique and bespoke headwear piece.

Vintage & Retro: The Towel Hat

While in Australia, we love the idea that some sweaty bloke named Terry knocked up a hat from an old towel gathering dust in the linen cupboard, we’ll have to stamp out that myth here. Terry Towelling hats, as they’re known today, inherit their name from the type of material they’re made from: Terrycloth.

Terrycloth and our towel hats are extremely absorbent and offer a bit of flex in their bucket hat form.

Like other bucket hats, the terry towelling provides greater sun protection than any other style, with a 360-degree soft brim that shields your face from the punishing Aussie summer.

Bespoke & Unique Towel Hats

Terry Towellings are great on their own, but they can be better with a bit of you.

We’re the terry towelling hat experts and we’ll help you create a personalised design that suits your brand, team, school, or organisation. Just let us know your needs and we’ll help you with your terry towelling hat design.

Cobrapparel terry towelling headwear is created with care and collaboration with our clients in a range of colours with your own logo or graphics. Make your terry towelling hat stand out from the crowd by adding a print or embroidery design on the front panel for enhanced brand awareness and impact.

We’re open to your ideas and can adjust our towel hat artwork until it’s perfect for you. Our terry towelling hats are designed right here, so we’re just as passionate about quality as you are about creating something custom for your needs.

Design Bucket Hats with Unique Style

We find that our clients best utilise terry towelling bucket hats for sports days, fund-raising events, promotional campaigns and more. Whether it’s reliving the retro feel, following the latest trends, or the 80’s may have passed on by but it lives on in your heart, we’ll match the right towel hat design to you.

Looking for inspiration? If you’re not sure where to start, just take a look at our terry towelling bucket hat gallery or some of our work with other organisations. We’ve helped everyone from football teams and hockey clubs, through to schools and media business realise their vision for terry towelling headwear. See our other pages for more headwear variations and styles.

If you’re stuck for ideas, drop us a line and we’ll help tease out those details to get you started.

Have you tried our custom designer?

  • Tonnes of colour options to choose from
  • Create unique designs with different panel colours
  • Drag and drop your logo
  • Easy request for quote
Design Your Own Terry Towelling

Order Your Terry Towelling Hat

Cobrapparel terry towelling headwear is available for individuals and organisations alike. To order your terry towelling bucket hat, fill out the from below. We’ll take it from there!

If you’d like more information on our terry towelling hats range, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Also check out our other hats over here.

Do you have any questions? Please complete the below form and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
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Anything Else?

We do a LOT, so like Macca’s we have a hidden menu of sorts, and we’re always on the hunt for new ideas. If you haven’t seen it advertised, or you have but can’t find it, don’t be alarmed!

There’s no such thing as a silly question so flick us an email and we’ll let you know if we can do it. We know we’d be nothing without our amazing customers so we’ll always be striving to meet your needs.

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