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Sport Clubs love them. Schools love them. Teams love them. They go with anything, and they build a sense of unity and community. For businesses, they’re free advertising in prime real estate, ya noggin’. The only thing that could be more in your face is a balaclava.

Cobrapparel retro beanies are the Riverina’s original and still the best for colour, comfort, embroidery, and design flexibility. Each one has their own unique style and flavour to suit their brand or team. We never tire of hearing customers tell us they were amazed that their beanies sold out so quickly. But that doesn’t surprise us. They were made to be worn to represent your best qualities, your team, and your passion!

The Famous Pom Pom Beanie!

We can guarantee that from Brisbane to Adelaide you would have seen our famous Pom beanie.

Beautifully knit from premium acrylic fibers, that are durable and easy-wash, in a range of patterns and colours.

We can design the perfect look for your brand or organisation design style with your logo at the forefront in a bold embroidered pattern.

Topped with a colourful and soft pom on top using your colour scheme throughout.

Personalised and Custom Beanies in Australia

When you are looking for a visible place to show off your name and logo, it is hard to beat an article of clothing that is always in view and present. Create eye-catching custom beanies for your school, company, or football club as a part of a promotional event or to share with your community.

Stylish and Comfortable Winter Hats

Our retro beanie hat designs are popular because their style, warmth, and the care we put into each design. Working with many different clubs and businesses has allowed us to perfect our apparel, creating a product you can be proud to wear. All of our beanies include personalised embroidery and vibrant colours on a hat that will keep you warm in the coldest winters.

Not only will your beanies be practical and well-made, but they will be stylish as well. You can wear these knitted beanies with almost any outfit, whether you want to look cool on the slopes or need a fashionable accessory for a night out.

Custom Embroidered Beanie

We offer a complete custom design service to create a high-quality knitted beanies to help you advertise your business or represent your local organisation. Your personalised beanies will include custom lettering, styled colour options, and logos embroidered on the rolled rim.

Our dedicated team of professional designers will work to create a beanie that meets your needs, while being very flexible and open-minded to your vision for creating that perfect look. Through our design team, you get to make your own beanie and personalised style that suites your brand. And every beanie is 100% unique and different. Whether you are looking for a pom-pom beanie, slouchy beanie, or something unique, we are always open to creative suggestions.

At Cobrapparel, we turn your designs into comfortable and stylish apparel that anyone would want to wear. If you need some inspiration, visit our picture galleries showcasing our diverse work with previous clients.

Why acrylic and not wool?

Acrylic provides a lot more benefits than wool as a knit fabric, especially for custom knitted beanies. First of all, it is much easier to wash and maintain than wool. Secondly, we have also found that acrylic holds up a lot better in the long run and does not shrink in the washer or fade in the sun. Thirdly, our acrylic beanies provide a lot more warmth than wool hats, which is important when winter comes around. And finally, acrylic is just much more comfortable!

Our research and development phase for our apparel products often involves testing various textiles for their properties in different form factors. We aim to provide our customers with the best possible products and we have done so with many, many tests. For beanies, acrylic really is head and shoulders above the rest of the textiles we have tested.

But for customers that do really want wool. We absolutely can do it. It is limited in both it’s colours and fit, but get in touch with us for a full run down!

For Businesses

Stand out from the crowd with your own beanie promo gear. Whether it’s for staff or your client base, we can assure you that our premium designs and quality knitted pom beanies will make their mark!

We match your brand to create vibrant and exciting designs with your logo embroidered for all to see.

Not only do our beanies look great, but they’re also made to last. Warm in the coldest, windiest winters and can be worn for many years without losing their shape or colour.

Just as much an advertising investment as they are a functional part of your business uniform and make great gifts for family and friends being a premium, custom beanie! Check out some of our other business clients who’ve had their head start with our beanies.

For Sports Clubs

Winter. You’re out barracking for your team in your colours, with the wind prickling your ears and the rain spraying across the oval. You could be sporting a simple beanie, but why not opt for something more stunning and hard-wearing?

Our stylish pom beanies are designed to match your team colours and passion. They’re made from premium acrylic fibers that are durable and easy-wash, so you can wear them all types of weather with no risk of shrinking or fading.

With our customised designs, we’ll make sure your team is front and centre with your logo embroidered front and foremost. Topped off with a colourful pom on top, it’s sure to be an accessory that will get everyone talking about how great your team looks!

Cobrapparel started with the beanie and its something we continue to improve upon and provide to our ever-growing sports club base. You can see the large range of beanies we have produced for our clients over the years here.

For Schools

Headwear the students will actually wear. Headwear students are proud to wear and aren’t constantly being coerced into putting on. The feedback from schools who have used Cobrapparel have been astounding. Whether public or private, primary or secondary, students are absolutely in love with their Cobrapparel beanies and live in them. If you’ve ever worked in education, we understand how impossible that sounds, but it’s the Cobrapparel effect!

Why not let the Student Representative Council or the students design the beanies as a project?

One great way to get the students more involved in their school is to let them design and create the school’s promotional apparel. Not only are they stylish and on-trend, but they’re also completely functional, providing awesome wind resistance and increased warmth.

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Anything Else?

We do a LOT, so like Macca’s we have a hidden menu of sorts, and we’re always on the hunt for new ideas. If you haven’t seen it advertised, or you have but can’t find it, don’t be alarmed!

There’s no such thing as a silly question so flick us an email and we’ll let you know if we can do it. We know we’d be nothing without our amazing customers so we’ll always be striving to meet your needs.

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